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At Perth Health Care and Services (PHCS), we understand that some people require around-the-clock support to manage their daily personal activities.

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Assistance whenever you need.

Our 24/7Care service is designed to provide high-quality, personalized care and support to our Participants, ensuring that they receive the assistance they need, when they need it.

Our 24/7 care service includes a wide range of needs, such as:
Personal care
Mobility support
Medication management
And many more
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High Quality Care.

We believe that everyone deserves to receive high-quality care and support that meets their unique needs and preferences.

We work closely with our Participants and their families to develop a care plan that reflects their individual needs and preferences, ensuring that they receive the support they need to live comfortably and independently.

What we do.

Our 24/7 care service is designed to provide high quality, personalised care and support to our Participants.

Support Around The Clock

Our 24/7 Care service is provided by a team of experienced and highly skilled support workers who are available to provide care and support around the clock.

Adaptable To Your Needs

We understand that our Participants' needs may change over time, and our support workers are trained to adapt and modify care plans as needed to ensure that you receive the best support.

Personalized Assistance

Our 24/7 Care service is designed to provide personalized care plans that are tailored to each Participants’ specific needs and goals.

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